What is your pricing?
Our services starts at $425 and can be customized to every client.  DeLeon Events takes pride in customizing our services.  Our unique pricing menu allows clients to custom-build a package of services that are unique to them and their needs. 

Can you recommend reputable vendors? 
We align ourselves only with the most reliable professionals.  Our team is constantly reviewing vendors that will enhance your event with fresh, creative talent.  We screen for specific criteria in professionalism, reliability, innovation, and value.

How much control will we have?
 It is a common myth that a wedding planner will take over your wedding.  Our job is to be your advocate and provide our experience and assistance to make your life easier.  You can be as involved or removed as you wish!  Some brides prefer to be very hands-on with the details, others prefer us to work out the minutia.  Our services are tailored to you.

What is your style? How creative can you be? 
Our mission is to make your dream wedding a reality.  We always start with your vision and take the time to learn about you as a couple.  Taking into account your vision, personality, and values, we’ll guide you each step of the way.  Whether your style is glamorous or simple, trendy or traditional, we make the experience a creative process to achieve a unique expression of your love story.

Do you assist in negotiating with vendors?
Your vendor recommendations will be tailored to your needs and budget.  We will always strive to obtain the best value for our clients while promoting the best service and quality.  DeLeon Events . does not accept referral fees or kickbacks, so those savings are yours when available.

Do corpoate events and social events get the same care as the weddings you help plan?
You have one shot to get this event right. You need someone on your team that is just as particular as you are and whose expectations match your own.Whether you want help with the logistics and coordination of a single lunch, need assistance creating a re-branding event or full planning of a large scale impressive celebration, DeLeon Events  can assist! We can also collaborate on theme and content, as desired. What excites us most about corporate events or events in general really, is the challenge of making them experiential. Bright people remember an experience, not the table linen. So no matter what type of event it is, DeLeon Events  is here to help.